On January 29, SEKAI NO OWARI vocalist Fukase updated his official Twitter account and wished his ex-girlfriend, singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Kyary turned 23 years old on January 29. To commemorate this occasion, she uploaded a video on YouTube titled, “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Emergency Surgery!? Hospitalized!?” When she introduced the video to her fans via Twitter, she received many responses saying, “What is this!?”  Fukase also retweeted the video and commented, “What a genius birthday announcement… HBDKPP.

As you may already know, Fukase and Kyary ended their relationship last summer. Fukase is now reportedly in a relationship with Masuwaka Tsubasa.

Kyary followed up with, “I turned 23. Thank you, everyone. I’m happy that you celebrated with me! And please have high hopes for me this year!

You can check out Kyary’s birthday video below.


Sources and Image: Oricon, natalie and Tokyohive

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