Ai Yazawa‘s iconic works, “NANA” and “Neighborhood Story (Gokinjo Monogatari),” have inspired a collaboration with the wedding dress brand Lulu Felice. This unique collaboration introduces a line of wedding dresses and tuxedos that intricately capture the essence of Yazawa’s beloved stories and characters.

The NANA Collection:
Drawing inspiration from the dynamic narrative of “NANA,” which follows the contrasting lives of aspiring musician Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu, who moves to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend, the collection features designs that pay homage to pivotal scenes from the manga.

The lineup includes wedding dresses reminiscent of the red frilled dress worn by Nana Osaki during a live performance and a puff-sleeved dress resembling vintage outfits worn by Nana Komatsu while descending the apartment stairs they shared.

Additionally, dresses inspired by the feminine fashion of Nana Komatsu and the punk fashion of Nana Osaki are also part of the collection. Nana’s white dress incorporates delicate details such as puff sleeves and ribbons, while Nana’s black dress infuses a rock taste with features like crushed details and fringes.

The Neighborhood Story Collection:
“Neighborhood Story” revolves around protagonist Mikako Kouda, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and the series portrays love and youth. The Neighborhood Story Collection showcases dresses inspired by Mikako’s creations.

A notable piece is the impressive wedding dress Minako designed for a fashion show, using soft tulle to create a gown that exudes a light and airy feel. The 2-way design allows it to be worn as a long gown or a playful mini-skirt style.

Furthermore, a fruit-patterned blue dress Minako made in middle school and a checkered dress adorned with the “Happy Berry” logo, her original brand, make an appearance. Additionally, there are checkered tuxedos reminiscent of matching outfits worn by Minako and Tsutomu.

As an exciting bonus, a new illustration of Mikako and Nana by Ai Yazawa has also been unveiled.

The wedding dresses will be available for rental at selected stores starting around fall 2024.

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