Credit: Official SPY FAMILY EN Twitter

At Anime Expo this year in Los Angeles, Crunchyroll invited the Japanese voice of Loid Forger, Takuya Eguchi, for a special SPY X FAMILY panel in the Main Events Hall. Scores of attendees lined up to see what Crunchyroll had in store for them. KKS was also on site to give you the special report of the panel.

With most of the attendees seated, the panel started right away. Eguchi started off with a little quip to the audience about himself. Something he mentions he’s known for in the industry is his unique art at events.

Credit: Official SPY FAMILY EN Twitter

Prior to the panel, Eguchi spent his morning drawing an exclusive autograph sketch of the Forger family for one lucky fan in the audience. In particular, he asked the audiences to pay close attention to his rendition of the Sun in Los Angeles and that a good laugh out of the crowd. Eguchi thanked the audience for coming and we moved on to Q&A!

Eguchi spent a good portion of the panel answering questions about Spy x Family. It was great to see what Eguchi thought was the scariest character (He said Anya because he can forgive everything she does). When asked what would he do to earn a Stella star, he earnestly answered crafting a new beer. Eguchi’s humorous attachment to alcohol continued with being hungover every day when asked how he’d recieved Tonitrus Bolts. A lot of fun questions all around!

After the questions, Eguchi performed several live reading of lines from the anime. The first scene was Loid’s monologue of being a spy prior to meeting anyone in the first episode. You could see the immense talent Eguchi had on display in front of the crowd.

Credit: Official SPY FAMILY EN Twitter

Finally the panel ends with giving away the lovely autograph board drawn by Eguchi. However it was not conducted in any ordinary fashion like a random drawing or answering questions. The panelist had planted the board under one lucky attendees seat ahead of time much to their joy. Eguchi parted the audience with his thanks and vowed to gather all the fan’s energy back to Japan in motivate him and the cast for the next season and finished off with a photo with the fans!

Spy x Family Season One is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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