We are officially in the future. Engineers for Nissan in Japan have developed little robots (called ‘Eporo‘ robots) that can actually detect each other’s motion and avoid collisions. The little robots, which do look kinda like Eve from Wall-E, were developed after the engineers studied schools of fish and how they move together with a fluidity of motion and avoid crashing into each other all the time.

Obviously, this would be incredible if it could be adapted to cars, which is apparently the plan. Having just seen a 2-car accident a few days ago, this could potentially be a real help.

kinda similar, no?

Lots of people just can’t drive safely, so if our cars could actually THINK and DETECT danger and avoid crashing into someone else it would be amazing. Maybe then the next step would be cars that can drive themselves or zip around in the sky like in the Jetsons! That would be so cool.

yes, please.

All joking aside, these robots created by the smart guys at Nissan do seem like a remarkable achievement…it will definitely be interesting to see if this eventually leads to more innovative and world-changing advances in car safety.

I originally found this story here.

What do you think? Will we soon be driving around in cars that steer themselves??

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