Apparently, Japanese company Haruyama Trading Co. has created a suit that is designed to fight the H1N1 virus, or Swine flu. According to this article, The suit is coated with the chemical titanium dioxide, which reacts to light to break down and kill the virus when it comes into contact with it, according to Junko Hirohata. The chemical is a common ingredient in toothpaste and cosmetics.

I don’t know a lot about science or whatever, but this sounds pretty awesome. A suit that can fend off illness? And to be able to combat Swine flu, which has become such a huge problem in the world? GENIUS. The article says the suit will retail for £365, so it’s not cheap.

I’m not surprised something like this was created by a Japanese company, as they always seem to come up with things before everyone else, just like they did with those collision-detecting robots we reported on previously. This anti-Swine flu suit is just the latest awesome thing they’ve been working on.

What do you think? Is an anti-Swine flu suit really necessary? Would you put your trust in a suit to prevent you from contracting the illness?

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  1. I honestly wouldn’t trust this suit because what if it causes problems to your body somehow?

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