Universal Studios Japan added “Evangelion” and “Attack on Titan” rides into “Universal Cool Japan 2017” project.



“Universal Cool Japan” has been a part of Universal Studios Japan since 2015 to spread Japan’s “cool” entertainment brand which is admired by the world by having visitors actually experience as if they are in the anime or video game world with their unique and creative ideas. “Universal Cool Japan 2017” will be available from December 16th in 2016 to June 25th in 2017.

So far they have revealed “Godzilla The Real 4-D” and “Sengoku The Real at Osaka Castle” rides for this project and Evangelion and Attack on Titan rides will be the third addition.


Evangelion’s ride, “Evangelion XR Ride” will allow you to have the horror experience to escape from angels with a 360-degree field of vision while Attack on Titan’s ride, “Attack on Titan The Real 4-D2” will get you drawn into a terrifying battle with super giant titans.

You can experience the real terror at “Evangelion XR Ride” and “Attack on Titan The Real 4-D2” at Universal Studios Japan on December 16th to March 12th next year!


Source: Anime! Anime!


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