Evangelion themed bullet train, “500 TYPE EVA” will be back this July! West Japan Railway Company announced that 500 TYPE EVA will run from Shin Osaka to Hakata on May 20th. Under the supervision of the Evangelion’s director, Hideaki Anno, a mechanic designer, Ikuto Yamashita embodied the Evangelion world onto a bullet train. A special bullet train in celebration of Sanyo Shinkansen 40th year anniversary and Evangelion anime 20th year anniversary appeared last November and it attracted tremendous interest.


The exterior is all covered by the Evangelion’s image color. The first car features “Bullet Train X Evangelion” gallery along with a real-life size cockpit and the second car provides Evangelion themed 500 TYPE EVA seats.


Since the second car offers non-reserved seats, anyone can use the Evangelion seats. However, to experience a real life size cockpit, you need to reserve in advance starting one month ahead and it comes with an exclusive 500 TYPE EVA original bath towel.


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