HARU NEMURI has announced an upcoming 6-track EP called ‘INSAINT’ that will be out on September 29. The lead single “I Refuse” will be released on September 8. It can be pre-saved at this link: The EP was produced by

“Piercing through providence, dragging through the void, the world. Destroy, create, destroy, destroy,” NEMURI sings on the song. “Due to being a socially assigned gender of “woman,” there are instances where music is treated as if it is not fundamentally a form of expression,” says NEMURI on the new song. “This is closely intertwined with the labeling of those who are not considered “able-bodied”, “conventionally decent,” or “a male” in this society have faced and continue to face, even up to the present day. I felt the need to refuse all of that and to have a song that would redefine its significance.”

NEMURI has released a number of gripping singles after her critically acclaimed album ‘SHUNKA RYOUGEN’ was released in 2022 including “ANGRY ANGRY”’ with Jaguar Jonze, Wrecked, and most recently “No Muse” with AFSHEEN. ‘INSAINT’ is her first body of work since the album.

  1. Destruction Sisters
  2. I Refuse
  3. Surviving is Resistance
  4. Flee from the Sanctuary
  5. Inferno
  6. No Pain, No Gain is Shit

HARU NEMURI will embark on an upcoming UK/EU tour kicking off on October 7 in Dublin, Ireland at The Workman’s Club. A full list of dates can be found below. Tickets can be found at:

HARU has always made music for herself first, but now the world is listening — even if they can’t understand a word of the Japanese language in which she sings, raps, and frequently screams. Not many teenagers are inspired equally by American post-hardcore icons such as Fugazi and Japanese avant-garde music legend Susumu Hirasawa, but therein lies the magic of
HARU NEMURI and the work she has created over the past five years.

Her most recently album, ‘SHUNKA RYOUGEN’ out now, was heralded by publications like Pitchfork, The Fader, Paste Magazine, noting, “blending elements of J-pop, rap, and hardcore, the experimental Japanese artist’s latest album presents a convincing balance of nihilism and hope,”. ‘Shunka Ryougen’ is available to stream in full at this link:

After world tours, festival appearances, and two LPs, the 28-year-old Japanese rockstar has captivated the world with her idiosyncratic poetry. HARU’s trailblazing music seamlessly blends genres—from the punk magnetism of Karen O and Fugazi, to the glittering shoegaze of Shinsei Kamattechan, or the experimentation of Björk and Susumu Hirasawa. Armed with only her vocals and a laptop, her shows mesmerize crowds from Europe to Asia to America, the great majority of whom don’t even speak her language.

In 2023, HARU has begun to find more peace within herself. Although she developed her musical self in the Tokyo indie scene, the city ultimately became overstimulating; she now lives in a more anonymous part of the country where she can take off the mantle of HARU NEMURI. But you can sense HARU is an endlessly restless artist; she’s still working on new songs in the
studio, and an endless fury motivates the heart of her music, from its punk and riot grrrl ethos to the frantic, anthemic core of its poetry.


October 7 – Dublin, Ireland – The Workman’s Club
October 9 – Manchester, England – The Peer Hat
October 10 – Southampton, England – Heartbreakers
October 11 – London, England – Studio 9294
October 13 – Barcelona, Spain – AMFest Encobert (Sala Salamandra)
October 16 – Paris, France- Les Etoiles
October 17 – Brussels, Belgium – Botanique (Rotonde)
October 19 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Left of the Dial Fest Day1
October 20 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Left of the Dial Fest Day2
October 23 – Berlin, Germany – Badehaus


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