Good Smile Company revealed “Racing Miku 2017 ver.” at the national best car race “SUPER GT (GT300 Class)” Press Conference 2017.


This time, Racing Miku’s artwork is designed by a famous bishojo illustrator, Tony. He’s well known for drawing the artwork for Sega “Shining” series.

Tony made an appearance at the press conference as well and said “These wings on the back are inspired by fairies. So maybe this MIku’s height is about 20cm? It’s a lovely fairy Miku.”

The CEO of Good Smile Company, Takanori Aki also said, “It’s been already 10 years since our team started this project. We decided to ask Tony because we all agreed that he would be the perfect artist for this milestone. He’s famous not only in Japan but also all over the world.”


When the MC asked Tony the concept of this illustration, he answered “It’s a double peace praying for the victory!” Mr. Aki added that they want to end this season with a double peace as well.


A special racing car “Mercedes Benz AMG GT3” with Tony’s illustration will be displayed at Wonder Festival Winter 2017 on February 19th.


Source: Animate Times


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