As we mentioned in our video about Christmas in Japan, many people eat KFC on Christmas thanks to a very successful advertising campaign in the 70s. They’re giving people in Japan another reason to buy KFC this winter; they’re offering cute Hello Kitty collaboration products!

In Japan, even Colonel Sanders is cute!

Smile Set comes with one item: 1. Kid’s Mug, 2. Lunchbox, 3. Knitted Drink Case, 4. Puffy Stickers, 5. Pocket Mirror, 6. Kid’s Comb.

They’re offering a multi-tiered food box as a new year special. It comes with 3 small fries, 3 pieces of original recipe, and 3 pieces of extra crispy tenders.

I’m always jealous of all the collaboration products, but I’m also glad we don’t have them in the States. Otherwise, I’d definitely be broke and morbidly obese.

P.S. Check out our store for some Hello Kitty goods!

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