We posted about this bizarre contraption recently, but then I found this article that goes more in-depth about it, so consider this an update filled with juicy details. Leave it to a hi-tech Japanese company to create something that will make the rest of the world supremely jealous.

Toto, a company that manufactures various types of toilets and bathroom gadgets, unveiled the “Dr. John” toilet, which, among the obvious purposes, also

can measure blood pressure, body temperature, weight, and urine sugar levels, all while you… well.

As this article also mentions, the lid opens and closes on its own, too.

That’s so much better than the toilets we’re mostly used to, the ones that just…sit there. These ones do SO MUCH MORE. Who cares if it isn’t necessary to get sugar level readouts while you sit on the can? The fact that these fancy toilets let you do that makes it necessary. And awesome.

Once again, I’m jealous.

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