As pointed out by this article from IGN, the Japanese release of the upcoming and highly-anticipated Super Street Fighter IV will come with a ‘Collector’s Package’, consisting of:

a soundtrack featuring the arranged theme songs for all the Super characters, a promotional video collection showing nearly all the SFIV and Super SFIV trailer clips, and a character art collection. This limited edition will run 5,990 yen.
In addition, the Xbox 360 version of the game will come with an exclusive anime chronicling the history of the new character Juri, limited to just Xbox versions of the game. This will probably be rather collectable and popular among the gaming community.

Needless to say, this collector’s package will undoubtedly be very popular among Japanese gamers. US fans who wish to get their hands on all the goodies will have to purchase an imported copy of the game, or hope that something similar comes out later for the US version of the game. I doubt that will happen, though.

The game is set to be released in the US on April 27.

Check out the IGN article here for more information.

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