Hello! Hope you’re having wonderful holidays! I just found something for you KKS readers. something fun to do this time of the year!

Deco deco candy cones! I was just looking for something Kawaii and found this one over Jbox.


About this product :

Make super kawaii and super delicious Japanese inspired treats. With this kit you’ll be able to change regular Giant Caplico into bunny-shaped and bear-shaped cones, along with the option of adding cute decorations to it to, making a Deco Caplico, that is so cute you won’t want to eat it, but so delicious looking that you probably will. This set contains all the tools you’ll need to make these delicious deserts. Remember that you will need at least a few Giant Caplico snacks to fully enjoy this product, along with some chocolate to melt into the decoration molds. Makes for a great at home project with family or friends.

(source : Jbox)

check out “How-to video” in japanese.

Can’t wait to try this out! Happy new year everyone!

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  1. Hi uh do you supply these? Cause I can’t seem to find it. I live in Singapore btw… Any idea how to get these at cheap rates in Singapore? Thankks. Do message me 🙂 96576181<—My Number

  2. I’ve been looking and looking and looking and I can’t find this anywhere?!?! Does anyone know where this is sold?

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