Through my browsing of countless other Japanese-related blogs and websites, I came across this post with a picture of McDonald’s efforts to change its image a bit in Japan.

I’m sure adding little cute characters on the McNugget boxes like this appeals to the kids who flock to McDonald’s on a regular basis. I haven’t seen much written about this on other sites on the Internet, and this post was dated back in November, so I guess it isn’t really a ‘new’ development, but it still highlights some efforts by McDonald’s to tap in to the whole ‘cute’ culture that is so prevalent in Japan.

This, plus the new ‘Big America’ style burgers introduced by the company demonstrate that McDonald’s is just never content to sit back and collect money; it would rather introduce new things and flashy new ways to make even more money. It’s a mindset that has worked for decades, so why rest on your laurels when you can improve yourself even more in the eyes of your loyal customers?

And besides, those little characters on the box in the picture above are exactly the type that kids would inevitably find irresistible. Well done yet again, McDonald’s.

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  1. I imagine the boxes were to match the happy meal toys, since the happy meal logo is printed on them. I do love the Tamagotchi characters though. Mametchi looks super cute. <3

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