At his year-end live performance, MIYAVI announced his first album release in three years to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. This album, titled “Lost In Love, Found In Pain,” will be a two part series with the theme of “duality.” The release date of the first part, “Lost In Love,” has been set for April 3.

In terms of sound production, it will be crafted in collaboration with Lenny Skolnik, a longtime partner in music creation, and involve various producers and collaborators in Los Angeles. On the visual front, Darren Craig, known for his work with A$AP Ferg and Justin Timberlake, was enlisted to explore new expressions. Please look forward to the upcoming release of the music and visuals.

In addition, the first pre-release single from the album, titled “Broken Fantasy / Tragedy Of Us,” is now available for streaming. “Broken Fantasy” features a solid, up-tempo rock sound, showcasing not only MIYAVI’s distinctive guitar play but also a captivating vocal style that reveals a new aspect of his artistry. In contrast, “Tragedy Of Us” is a medium-tempo tune that incorporates scattered guitar phrases, dramatic developments throughout the song, and a narrative-like vocal delivery.

Stream “Broken Fantasy”:

More information about the album and its songs will be gradually revealed. There are also more releases planned for 2024, so please stay tuned for further updates.


Official Website:

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