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You probably have had Onigiri in your life, correct? What kind is your favorite? If you ever been to “Convini”, a Japanese convenience store or Japanese market you know there’re so many kinds, flavors and fillings to choose from! My favorite is a simple UME ( Japanese palm ) or SAKE ( grilled salmon ) onigiri with a korean seaweed! ONIGIRAZU is a new type of Onigiri born in Japan sometime last year. Do you know anything about it? Let me make it simple, so Onigiri is a rice ball. Nigiri / Nigiru means shaping rice with your hands. Nigirazu means not shaping rice with your hands. You get it? Onigirazu is a rice snack that you don’t shape with your hands. Think how you make a sandwich. That’s exactly how you make Onigirazu! You still need a seaweed to seal rice and filling.

  • Easy to make! clean hands.
  • You can put anything! ex. Tempura, Katsu and even salad!
  • You can see what’s inside so it looks better!

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Let’s watch the video below!

[yframe url=’https://youtu.be/x63tQcqyOFw’]

Here’s a manga version of how-to “Spam Onizirazu”. ( source)

Pretty simple to make, right? All you need is a seaweed sheet ( a large square ones ) rise and fillings of your choice.

  1. Lay out some plastic wrap
  2. Place a piece of Nori sheet / seaweed on top of the plastic wrap
  3. Place the first layer of white / brown rice
  4. Next put filling of your choice
  5. Place the last layer of white / brown rice
  6. Wrap all of the 4 edges of the nori seaweed sheet on top
  7. Wrap it all up with the edges of the plastic wrap
  8. Done!

Super easy to make so hope you try out!


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