Circle K.

Have you ever been to Convenience stores in japan? anyone?? If you’ve gone to some of the stores, you know what i’m talking about. today i wanna talk about how awesome they are. you’ll love this topic for sure. I’d say there’re 3 major convenience stores over there : Circle K, Family Mart and Lawson.



There’s 3 things i miss living in Los Angeles : family, friends and convenience stores in japan. i’m very serious! They have everything you need. I mean EVERYTHING! from 30 different instant noodles, 50 different drinks, 30 different sweets, 20 different ice cream,  100 different treats for kids, 20 different coffee, 50 different magazines/comics, stationaries and so on. Everything they offer is so kakkoii {COOL}, kawaii {CUTE} and very good prices. All the food is very tasty too. I’ll show you what i mean.

Relakkuma Hamburgers (meat balls & potatos with pork) $1  (125  yen)

relakkuma iced cocoa. It’s about $2. too cute and good price.

relakkuma chocolate (milk pudding & green tea flavers), 2o cent, cheap and yummy.

gandamu chocolate, 20 cent.

melon flavored  bread $1

rabbit roll cake – milky strawberry  $2.50

starbucks coffee double shot $1.50 hot or cold.

starbucks green tea latter for $ 2.50

relakkuma Iced Coffee with milk for $1.50

Onigiri (rice ball) flavors – tuna mayo, salmon, seaweed  for $1 each

Hello kitty Heart cookies $1.50

They have a special coupon inside and you can get exclusive- flash-supercute-hello kitty-wallpapers for your phone. (9 different ones!) LIMITED EDITION.

This video is from a lady who just got the wallpaper on her phone.


FYI, You’ll never have a problem finding JP convenience stores because they are EVERYWHERE.

Some of you may know that there’s one japanese convenience store called FAMIMA! here in Los Angeles. I have gone to 3 different locations ( Hollywood, downtown and South downtown) since i miss having japanese cool yummy snacks and drinks. However none of the stores is even CLOSE to real FAMIMA in japan. Yes, they have japanese snacks { which you can get from any asian stores } , but the selections are just not cool. Where’s kawaii hello kitty cookies? where’s relakkuma iced coffee? any one piece toys that comes with a candy? none. sadness. Now you have a good reason for a Trip to Japan.


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  1. i would like to ask you if the food in japan has the ingredients in english on their products:) ? as i’m vegan and so so so want to go :)?

    1. There’s no english descriptions usually… so i recommend you to ask someone and i am sure they will be sooo kind to answer for your questions! 🙂

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