Anime series【OSHI NO KO】 celebrated its One Year Anniversary on April 12. In commemoration of the occasion, a special key visual was released for international fans. The official 【OSHI NO KO】 X account shared the key visual to fans.

Season 2 is currently in production and scheduled for July 2024. 

★Learn More About OSHI NO KO
Behind the Scenes Documentary
Documentary Series, “【OSHI NO KO】Behind the Scenes “ are available on the official Youtube Channel up to Ep.6.
【OSHI NO KO】 Behind the Scenes Ep6: Season One Highlights

About 【OSHI NO KO】

When a pregnant young starlet appears in Gorou Amemiya’s countryside medical clinic, the doctor takes it upon himself to safely (and secretly) deliver Ai Hoshino’s child so she can make a scandal-free return to the stage. But no good deed goes unpunished, and on the eve of her delivery, he finds himself slain at the hands of Ai’s deluded stalker — and subsequently reborn as Ai’s child, Aquamarine Hoshino! The glitz and glamor of showbiz hide the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry, threatening to dull the shine of his favorite star. Can he help his new mother rise to the top of the charts? And what will he do when an unthinkable disaster strikes?

Original Author: Aka Akasaka x Mengo Yokoyari (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”)
Director: Daisuke Hiramaki
Assistant Director: Ciao Nekotomi
Series Composition: Jin Tanaka
Character Designs: Kanna Hirayama
Sub-Character Designs: Syun Sawai
Executive Directors of Animation: Kanna Hirayama, Maho Yoshikawa, Tomoya Atsumi, Miki Matsumoto
Main Animator: Takeshi Osame, Kenji Sawada, Asami Hayakawa, Honoka Yokoyama, Kimiaki Mizuno, Ayaka Muroga
Art Director: Tetsuya Usami (Studio Easter)
Background Art Design: Kota Mizumoto (Studio Easter)
Color Design: Kay Ishiguro
Director of Photography: Takafumi Kuwano
Editing: Kentaro Tsubone
Music: Takuro Iga
Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
Sound Effects: Kiyotaka Kawada
OP Director: Yusuke Yamamoto
ED Director: Naoya Nakayama
Animation Production: Doga Kobo 

Ai: Rie Takahashi
Aqua: Takeo Otsuka
Ruby: Yurie Igoma
Kana Arima: Megumi Han
Akane Kurokawa: Manaka Iwam
MEMcho: Rumi Okubo
Gorou: Kent Ito 

YouTube Channel:
X (Twitter) account:
EN Website:

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