Natural beauty Rei Ayanami, from the prominent series Neon Genesis Evangelion, has always been a famous character throughout the decades. Her recent collaboration with popular Japanese makeup line, KATE, further exemplifies her charm.

Megumi Hayasibara stars again as Rei Ayanami in Kanebo Cosmetics’s official YouTube channel, bringing makeup enthusiasts and Evangelion fans together.



The limited release of this lipstick series has been available on Amazon Japan since February 2021 and can be purchased for shipment overseas. Products are also available on LOHACO and @cosme SHOPPING. You can also find the products in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. There are multiple color options available for purchase so you can find your perfect shade!



Mai Yoneyama, well-known from her works in Kill la Kill and Promare, designed the keyframes for this beauty ad. During this process, Yoneyama explained, “When producing this ad, it was difficult to maintain the balance between preserving the character of Rei Ayanami and depicting lipstick that looked good on her, but I think that KATE’s image and her mysterious character ended up being a good match.”



The timing of these ads couldn’t be better with the excitement for the fourth and final film. Rebuild of Evangelion newest movie addition was set to be released on March 8, 2021! Just in time to match our lip color with Rei’s during her movie debut.



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