Producer, Singer-Songwriter R・O・N’s project STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has revealed its music video for his latest single “OMEGA” along with its physical CD release on June 2nd , 2021.
Showing the world his masterful craftsmanship combining hard synths and ethereal vocals “OMEGA” had been pre-released digitally on all music streaming platforms world-wide on April 5th.

The music video is directed by the videographer Ukyo Inaba, who previously directed “STORYSEEKER”, linking the sound and visuals while shining his unique and humorous personality.
Various contrasting worlds including “the sense of the future and decadence”, “digital and analog”, and “the chaos of reality and the urge in the brain” were expressed as a “paired world” in one situation.
The lighting and contemporary dance connected to the powerful beats of the music impressively sublimate.
The video is an artistic expression full of cyberpunk feeling where differently is a must watch piece of work.

“OMEGA” had also been chosen as the ending theme song for the 2 nd seasons of the popular anime series “Moriarty the Patriot”. Moriarty the Patriot is based on the story of William James Moriarty, nemesis to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. In the same way that a detective novel hints at the answer to the overarching puzzle, once you unravel the mysteries of OMEGA, you will uncover a track that will make you bounce on a molecular level.

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATIONS previous music video for “ALPHA” reached 21M views and “STORYSEEKER” had reached more than 37M views globally on YouTube. Enjoy the linkage between the world of the song and visuals.

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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is the sound making project of songwriter/music producer and former rock band OLDCODEX member R・O・N who produces various sound contents and music for varieties of popular Japanese artists and Anime.

This project was named with the meaning of entrusting himself to the stereo, which is the sound source. In addition to his talent as a multi-player of various musical instruments, he also is a Sound Artisan who produces a track with the futuristic synth work and a melody that will resonate with your heart.

R・O・N himself sings on the project’s songs, but also welcomes guest vocalists and guest musicians actively with the style of having the flexibility to correspond to what the world is in demand. R・O・N has been reputable for his distinct programming arrangements with it being able to adapt to various genres of music along with his catchy and artistic sounds. R・O・N has over 270K listeners on his Spotify and his song “Chronos” have streamed over 2,500K.

He will do whatever it takes to express his desired sounds with his incredible sense, regardless of any method. This is STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION.


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