Not just any cola flavored gum but it’s Super Cola! It’s a pretty large piece of gum and about half of that is because there’s fizzy powder in the center. So as soon as you bite into the gum, you get that fizzy foam bubbling up. And lots of it. It’s a strange gray color that for a second you might think there’s something wrong with the gum but it looks like it’s meant to be gray. Great gum for kids and those kids’ at heart.

So, what does it taste like? Not much, actually. It’s a milder and less sweet version of the gummy cola bottles. But you’ll like the gum if you like those gummies. The flavor doesn’t last very long though. I guess the point is to be surprised by the bubbling foam.

The package has enough kawaii gums holding a coke bottle, running around. We shouldn’t expect anything less from Japanese packaging!

If you’re in NY, you can find this at Sunrise Mart in the East Village!

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