This is quite an intricate cake shrunken into a bite size chocolate bonbon. The cake base is a cookie, then you have a layer of coffee cream topped with a thinner layer of chocolate almond cream. Then a little more coffee cream. All that enrobed with a thick layer of bittersweet chocolate. It sounds pretty appetizing, right? And it is! But for me, the size and taste teases enough to kick off a craving for the real thing. A piece of gâteau au chocolat. The kind you need a fork to eat. A grander, richer, and creamier experience. Nonetheless, you can’t always have that. And it’s a bit challenging to eat a piece of cake on the go. So these little packets of shrunken cakes have their purpose. Maybe the flavors, especially of the coffee could have been bolder.  And to give it more of a cake experience, it would’ve been nice if it was a moister cake than a cookie.

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