Kill Me Baby was a simple comedy anime that received little to no recognition during its run on television. The few that had watched it vilified it as another “cutesy-anime trying to ride the moe-blob train into money” and was deemed “unfunny” and “not worth your time”. However, Kill Me Baby may have been the most earnest and innocent anime to come out in 2012.


The series revolved around two friends, Sonya, a trained assassin, and Yasuna Oribe, a typical schoolgirl, and the various scenarios where Sonya has to put up with Yasuna’s antics. The interactions between the two were predictable, the story wasn’t entirely engaging, and there weren’t many engaging moments in the series. It had all the makings of a skippable anime. Even to me, it was a bad anime at first and I don’t know what compelled me to watch it to the end but I’m glad that I did because the very last scene made me fall in love with the entire show. [Slight spoilers!]   After this scene, the entire show came into context; Yasuna was just trying to have fun with one of her only friends.




The series was never meant to be taken seriously; it’s a show about the extraordinary life of a girl and her assassin-for-hire classmate. While the jokes were usually a hit or miss, it could always be referred to as earnest. Character development may have taken the entire show to come to fruition but it’s hard to not appreciate a simple premise founded on a simple bond between and schoolgirl and assassin.


Kill Me Baby is, by no means, an anime for everybody. However, if you are craving simple comedy that has no other value to it than entertain, you should check this anime out.

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