I had an opportunity to visit a temporary Osomatsu San Cafe at Tower Records Cafe in Shibuya in April. To go to this cafe, you had to purchase tickets online in advance, however, considering the popularity of Osomatsu San, getting tickets to a cafe wasn’t so easy. I tried on my phone and laptop but the server was so busy that I couldn’t connect to the page even once. Luckily my friend could obtain a ticket from this war so I could go enjoy Matsuno brothers’ cafe during my Japan trip.

Here’s the Osomatsu San Cafe report.












There were sextuplet popup stands and couldn’t help but taking photos with them! <3



For food and drink, I ordered “Osomatsu’s Love My Oldest Brother! Stew Beef Intestine at Racetrack Style Matsubayashi-Rice” and “Cold Drink in a Matsuno Family’s Fridge” and my friend ordered “Karamatsu’s Eat Meat with Wrapped Meat, Fish Filled with Love Hotdog,” “Ichimatsu’s I ♥ Outlet, Incident Cake” and “Matsuno Latte-Matsu.”

“Osomatsu’s Love My Oldest Brother! Stew Beef Intestine at Racetrack Style Matsubayashi-Rice”


“Karamatsu’s Eat Meat with Wrapped Meat, Fish Filled with Love Hotdog”


“Ichimatsu’s I ♥ Outlet, Incident Cake”


“Matsuno Latte-Matsu”


Those names are so weird but the food and drink were unexpectedly delicious!

You can see how big each plate was here! It sure was very filling both your tummy and heart.


For each drink, you get a random coaster and for each dish, you get a random name card. Somehow I got Osomatsu for both coaster and name card. He wasn’t my favorite Matsuno Brother but maybe it’s telling me something… haha



Since only those who could make reservations were able to enjoy Osomatsu Cafe, our timeframe was about 90 minutes, which was more than enough to enjoy food and decor.

Lastly, when we were in line to go inside, this girl in front of us had awesome Jyushimatsu nails! She said she was a manicurist so she drew them on her own. She also told us that when she could finally connect to the server, only one person ticket was left so she still decided to grab that one last ticket to come out by herself. Seriously this Osomatsu San Cafe was filled with love for these NEET brothers and that really made me happy and comfortable. Of course there were mainly girls but I saw some couples at this cafe as well.


I really hope Osomatsu San will come back with a second season or movie! Can’t wait!



Tower Records Cafe Official Website




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