UCHIWA is a traditional Japanese hand fan. It is often used by a person to create a breeze to keep cool in hot weather. They are part of Japanese seasonal traditions. Summer in Japan, you won’t be able to survive without UCHIWA. It’s eco too! Fans are commonly given out for free during the summer in Japan. Of course you can get them at 100 yen stores like Daiso.

It says “FESTIVAL”.

The Uchiwa designes are endless. Here’re some of my favorite! I love these retro ones, they look like from Shouwa Era!

Of course they have kawaii characters Uchiwa too! My melody, Totoro and hello kitty! One Piece, chopper, and Miku chan too! Many many designs to choose from… if you travel to Japan during summer, I highly recommend you to pick up some of the kawaii designs at Family Mart! ( Convenience stores have a lot of them! )



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