On April 17th, the globally popular girl band BAND-MAID started streaming “Bestie,” which is a co-written song by Mike Einziger (Gt) of Incubus. Incubus is an American alternative band that has been nominated for the Grammy award twice, topped the Billboard charts in the U.S., and sold over 23 million albums worldwide. This is BAND-MAID’s first release of new music in eight months since “Shambles,” which was released on the day of their appearance at the outdoor festival Lollapalooza in Chicago, U.S.
The cover artwork, which was released simultaneously with the single, was produced by SAIKI (Vo).

Stream “Bestie”: https://band-maid.lnk.to/Bestie

Comment by SAIKI:
The tower represents BAND-MAID’s trajectory to date; from the beginning to the achievement of having an arena show as a passing point in our career. I would like to create songs that everyone is excitedly-looking forward to our new songs to be born around from that memorable tower. Overall, I asked the designer to capture the image I had of the song, of traveling through the wilderness with my best friend.

In May 2023, Mike saw a BAND-MAID performance at the Pointfest Radio Show in St. Louis, U.S. and praised the band’s high musicianship and intense performance. Mike Einziger is not only a member of Incubus but is also a well-known writer and co-writer of the international hit song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, which has received over 2.3 billion views on YouTube and 28 million Shazam searches.
BAND-MAID will appear as a special guest for Incubus Japan concert on May 1st.

BAND-MAID also recently announced a special performance with Mexico’s popular three-sister band, The Warning. BAND-MAID’s goal is to “dominate the world,” and we can’t take our eyes off their rapid progress in 2024.
BAND-MAID contrasts Japanese pop culture’s neo-gothic frills and anime cuteness with powerful and melodic metal. Their music videos boast more than 198 million views. Wildly popular in their native Japan, Miku Kobato (guitar, vocals), Saiki (vocals), Kanami (lead guitar), Misa (bass), and Akane (drums) introduced kawaii metal globally in 2013. In contrast with traditional pop idols, the quintet writes their own songs and shreds their instruments with skill.  In 2023, they held their 10th anniversary tour in Japan, the U.S., and Mexico, including Lollapalooza, then culminating at one of Japan’s historic and large-scale concert venues, the Yokohama Arena. Subversive, playful, and powerful, BAND-MAID dominates.


Mike Einziger
2-time GRAMMY award-nominated songwriter, musician, and producer Michael Einziger founded the multi-platinum band, Incubus, co-wrote Avicii’s worldwide smash “Wake Me Up” and attended Harvard University.

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