There are a lot of delicious things in Japanese convenience stores.
As you likely know, convenience store sweets are perfect as everyday little treats. Halloween limited sweets are very creative and perfect for your Instagram posts.
Here are some Halloween treats found at Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, and Ministop in Japan who are particular about taste as well a design. They are only available this fall.


Black Cat Sachertorte
Sweets for chocolate and cat lovers.
Seven – Eleven completed the traditional Viennese confectionery, Sachertorte to a rich chocolate taste of the black
cat face.
The cute expression black cat face is made of moist chocolate sponge with apricot jam and chocolate coating with a crispy texture.
The authentic sachertorte is reproduced.

“Marshmallow texture! Raw chocolate cream Daifuku”
An eclectic collaboration of Japanese and Western sweets that is wrapped in a soft texture of rich chocolate cream.

“Cookie and cream milk pudding”
The popular classic sweets milk pudding was combined with whipped cookie cream and whipped crushed chocolate cookies with sprinkled with a chocolate sauce like a spider web.

“Chocolate melon bread”
A chocolate sauce is into the dough with a crisp texture like a melon bread.

“Halloween Party ☆ Black Cat Tiramisu”
A supersized tiramisu with a black cat’s cute face.
Enjoy the taste of the harmony of bittersweet coffee sauce and smooth cheese cream.

“Halloween Party ☆ Chocolate & Cookie Cream Parfait”
The ghost bar chocolate makes you feel like Halloween.

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Mini Stop

There are two types of Halloween theme parfait sweets from Mini Stop.
“Halloween Monster Parfait”
A monster with a funny face is eye-catching. This is a Parfait with whipped cream and strawberry cheese cream on a soft sweet strawberry milk mousse. A pastel pink face shaped with strawberry chocolate horns has a cute expression that makes you want to take a picture.
“Halloween pumpkin parfait”
The pumpkin parfait made from real pumpkin that you must-have for Halloween.

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Family Mart

Devil’s Chocolate Cake “has been revived with Ganache.
Three layers of gateau chocolate, Ganache and chocolate mousse were coated with chocolate and chocolate cookies with sprinkled on top. All you can enjoy chocolates.
You can enjoy various textures of chocolate in this beautiful Halloween treat.

“Hokkaido Pumpkin Mont Blanc Pudding”
This is a limited availability Halloween sweet treat using pumpkin paste from Hokkaido in a cup, made with plenty of pumpkins, smooth pudding, and Mont Blanc cream.
Enjoy the unique natural sweetness of the pumpkin in this dessert.

In addition, classic dessert such as “Pumpkin Pudding” “Plenty Cream Double puff” and “Mini Shoe”, which are rich sweets using two types of pumpkins, are also very specially packaged for Halloween. You may feel un urge to buy all of them.

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“Red apple cake”
Lawson is full of Apple of Halloween sweets.
The Red apple cake with its round form looks like a real apple which has a great visual impact.
Yogurt mousse with red apple juice and apple flesh soaked in syrup for a refreshing taste

“Green apple roll cake”
A roll cake with the image of green apples that shine in green color. Packed with jelly in the middle made from green apple puree and apple flesh; and even cream is apple flavored. Please enjoy the harmony of apples of many different textures.

Also There is Halloween Rilakkuma of Tabemasu Rilakkuma Series

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Although not a convenience store, but IKEA’s Halloween sweets are also very cute.

IKEA is having the “Halloween Fair” that you can enjoy haunted face soft cream and black sweets using bamboo charcoal until October 31st.

“Pink Ghost Soft”
A haunted face soft cream with a black corn hat. Strawberry flavor using 100% fruit juice puree, you can eat both eyes and mouth.

There is also a simple “Halloween Soft” with black soft ice cream on a black cone.

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