Singer Eir Aoi, whose songs have been featured in popular anime series such as “fate/Zero“, “Sword Art Online” and “Kill la Kill“, will be headed to New York City for her very first time to perform a solo concert at the Gramercy Theatre on May 25th. Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi had the opportunity to talk to Eir Aoi ahead of her NYC show. Check out her answers to our interview below!

KKS: You will be playing at the Gramercy Theatre in May. What can fans expect from your upcoming show in New York?

Eir: This will be my first time in New York and also first solo concert (in the states). Because it is a solo show, I want create a show in which fans can enjoy the various angles of my music.

KKS: What are some things you’d like to do when you visit New York?

EirI just want to walk around the city and go shopping.

KKS: You first gained popularity by posting videos of yourself covering other artists’ songs online. Since summer is coming up, we were wondering what summer-themed song you’d be interested in covering.

Eir: There are so many beautiful summer themed songs in Japan so I have to really think about that and it would be fun to do another cover song again.

KKS: What song or album would you recommend for first-time listeners of your music?

Eir: For each album, the recorded songs all have its characteristics and all different feels. So I would suggest listening and enjoy all the albums.

KKS: Your music integrates J-Pop with a hint of rock. Are there any other music genres you’d like to try out, such as jazz or R&B?

Eir: I’m really happy that I am able to sing music with rock tones with a hint of metal. I want to keep polishing that.

KKS: I read that you are from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Hokkaido will surely become an even greater tourist spot with the new Hokkaido Shinkansen. What are some spots of Sapporo you’d recommend to overseas visitors?

EirSapporo has a lot of delicious restaurants. One place I would recommend is a place called ‘Soup Curry KING’, which specializes in soup curry. Love it so much that before I made my debut, I went there 8 times a week!

KKS: At Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, we strive to spread the cutest, coolest, and most amazing aspects of Japanese culture. What do you think fits these “Kawaii, Kakkoii, Sugoi” aspects?

Eir: Kawaii- My dog
Kakkoii- 2D world
Sugoi- Things that can move (excite) people

KKS: Lastly, may we ask for a message to your overseas fans?

Eir: I am so excited that can share my music overseas and so happy that I am able to visit again 2 years in a row. Let’s all get together at the same place and have the best time enjoying music.

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Thanks to Eir Aoi for answering our questions and Special thanks to Sony Music for making this interview happen!

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