HYDE will be releasing his new single ‘BELIEVING IN MYSELF’ digitally on February 26, which was announced on January 21 as commissioned by Tokyo Marathon 2020.

The physical release will follow in Japan on March 18.

Also, a special movie is available now on YouTube featuring the footage from Tokyo Marathon.

‘BELIEVING IN MYSELF’ was produced specifically for the Marathon following the conversation between HYDE and Tadaaki Hayano, the Race Director of Tokyo Marathon, organized as a special event of JAAF RunLink – a project by Japan Association of Athletics Federations for realizing ‘Wellness Athletics’.

In June 2019, HYDE met with Hayano as part of the JAAF RunLink project, where Hayano was Chief Officer.

HYDE confessed in the conversation that he was a secret runner and, because Hayano had the idea of Fusion Running and everyone can have their original style of running, he kept thinking to fuse music with running.

Hayano then commissioned HYDE to contribute a song inspired by Tokyo Marathon 2020 when the two met with each other again, which HYDE consented willingly.

Tokyo Marathon 2020 takes place on Sunday, March 1st, 2020.


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