The teaser visual for the anime film version of i☆Ris themselves, “i☆Ris the Movie – Full Energy!! –” was revealed during the “i☆Ris Live Stage in Anime NYC” performance on Sunday, November 19 in New York. The anime film, which was announced as a culmination of the hybrid voice actress-idol unit’s tenth anniversary, is scheduled for release in 2024. Anime NYC hosted the Japanese group i☆Ris who performed in New York for the first time and also participated in panels and autograph sessions during the event which ran from November 17-19.

Approximately 2,000 people gathered for the live stage, and the venue filled with loud cheers as soon as i☆Ris appeared. With the fans’ passionate reactions as i☆Ris performed their songs, the group was able to create a meaningful time with their fans and the audience in New York.

The newly released teaser visual during this live stage depicts an important scene from the Live Tour 2023 Tokyo performance held earlier this year using an anime illustration. At this live performance, there was a scene where i☆Ris formed a circle and shouted the same chants that they always do before a performance, and the fans who were at the venue on that day shouted together, and it became an important memory for i☆Ris and their fans. Thus, the teaser visual depicts an important scene in which i☆Ris and fans come together to say, “Let’s get excited together for the anime film!” based on the worldview of the anime.

Additionally, a mysterious animal with a surprised expression is drawn on the side of the stage in the teaser visual. The identity of this mysterious animal and the meaning of its surprised expression will be revealed in the future, so please stay tuned!


About i☆Ris
Formed in 2012 from an audition held jointly by Avex Group and 81 Produce, i☆Ris is a “hybrid unit” aiming to be successful both as voice actresses and as idols! The members of i☆Ris are: Saki Yamakita, Yu Serizawa, Himika Akaneya, Yūki Wakai, and Miyu Kubota. In April 2023, they held a nationwide live tour “i☆Ris 8th Live Tour 2023 ~Wasshoi !!!!!”. In August 2023, their 23rd Single “Let you know! Bakasawagi” was released. They will hold a live concert “i☆Ris 11th Anniversary Live” at Pacifico Yokohama on November 26th. In 2024, an anime movie “i☆Ris the Movie -Full Energy!!-“ will be released.



About Avex Pictures Inc.
Avex Pictures Inc. is an entertainment company that centers around “visual content” such as anime and live-action productions. They distribute a wide range of content across both domestic and international markets, including music, live performances, events, and voice actor artists.

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