Johnny & Associates announced in Japan on March 12th, that the popular group “V6” will be break up on November 1st. One of the six members, Go Morita, will leave Johnny & Associates on November 1. The other five will stay on and work as individuals. V6 (Bui Shikkusu) was a six-member Japanese boy band formed by Johnny & Associates. The group’s debut was on November 1, 1995 with the single “Music for the People”, which was used as the image song for the World Cup of Volleyball in 1995. According to Johnny & Associates, the band members have been discussing their future since the spring of 2019, and Morita indicated that he wants to leave the management company and challenge himself as an actor, and the other members agreed. They decided to dissolve the group with the idea that “If there are not six people in V6, It’s not V6” This breakup is painful for Johnny and Associates since it follows the departure of the popular group TOKIO’s Nagase and Kinki Kids recently.


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