In this exclusive interview conducted at Anime Expo 2023, we sat down with the talented actor, Eiji Akaso, who plays the protagonist Akira Tendo in “ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD.” This movie is not your typical zombie flick; it cleverly blends comedy, superhero elements, and human drama, creating a unique cinematic experience. Join us as we explore the captivating insights shared by Eiji Akaso, shedding light on the intriguing aspects of “ZOM 100”!

“ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD” is now streaming on Netflix!
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1) I watched “ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD”! It’s not just a zombie movie; it has comedy, superhero elements, and human drama. Moreover, it’s not your typical survival film. If you had to describe the genre of this movie in one word, what would it be?

What genre… (laughs) This is difficult, isn’t it? I think the impression can be completely different depending on the viewer, but even I, after finishing it, thought, “What the heck did I just watch?” (laughs) If I had to describe it in one word… Maybe a comedy zombie movie.


2) I couldn’t help but wonder if there were only exceptional individuals on Earth who were actually delighted when the apocalypse happened… It seemed like Akira was under a lot of pressure from work. The way he tried to enjoy his daily life in that situation was very comical. If the apocalypse were to happen in real life, how would you spend your time? Would you stay at home, go outside to seek help, or casually visit a convenience store?

I might gather with friends and barricade ourselves in a convenience store.

Is it difficult to live daily life like Akira?

I think it’s impossible! I can’t enjoy life like that! (laughs) But when I was playing Akira, I had moments where I wonder if I could live like him, too.

For example?

For example, of course, zombies are scary, but I feel like I learned from this movie how to enjoy life even in a situation full of zombies during an apocalypse. So, I might be able to enjoy the situation like Akira.



3) I think it’s quite challenging to come up with a list of 100 things you want to do before you die. If you were to write down the list you want to do before turning into a zombie, what would be your number one and number five?

Doesn’t it seem easy to come up with five? First, I’d like to try waterfall training. Then, I want to climb Mount Fuji, see the pyramids, witness the aurora, and visit Angkor Wat. So, the first one would be waterfall training, and the fifth one would be Angkor Wat.


4) ZOM 100 started as a manga and now has an anime adaptation. Did you read the original manga before filming? Are you curious about how Akira will be portrayed in the anime?

In the movie, we tried to give Akira more human qualities than in the manga. In the manga, Akira is overwhelmingly positive, but if we were to do the same in the live-action, it would be a little difficult to empathize, so we incorporated a bit of anxiety and subtle emotions into his character.

I’m also curious about the anime version of Akira Tendo! I saw the trailer, and he was just so much like Akira! (laughs) The artwork is beautiful too, so I’m really looking forward to the anime broadcast!”



“ZOM 100: BUCKET LIST OF THE DEAD” is now streaming on Netflix!
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Bullied by his boss, worked around the clock, he’s nothing more than a corporate drone. All it takes is a zombie outbreak for him to finally feel alive!





2) アポカリプスが起きて喜んでいた人間なんて地球上で天道輝(テンドウアキラ)しかいなかったのでは…?と思いました。それほど仕事で追い詰められていたんですね。あの状況で楽しく日常を過ごそうとしている姿もとてもコミカルでした。赤楚さんは実際にアポカリプスが起きたらどう過ごすでしょうか?家にこもるか、外に出て助けを呼ぶか、それともアキラのように気軽にコンビニに買い物に行くか、どうでしょうか?







3) 人間死ぬまでにやりたい100のリストを書ききるのは意外と難しいと思います。赤楚さんはゾンビになるまでにしたい100のことを書くとしたら1番目と5番目に一体何を書くでしょうか?



4) ゾン100は漫画原作でアニメも放送されますが、撮影の前に原作は読まれましたか?またアニメでの天道輝がどう演じられているか気になりますか?(声優:梅田修一朗さん)



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