Participation in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 『THE GUARDIANS OF WONDER』

Tokyo’s Highly Anticipated Girls Action Stage Play Finally Makes its Hollywood Debut!

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is the world’s most famous theater festival held in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles. Produced by Alicein Project, the team behind the stage adaptation of the popular video game “NieR:Automata,“ “YoRHa” series, this performance promises to showcase Japanese-subcultural style – live action and entertainment with a taste of anime, manga, and video games.

Date: 8:00 PM on Saturday, June 3rd
7:30 PM on Sunday, June 4th
6:00 PM on Friday, June 9th
9:30 PM on Saturday, June 10th
※A 30 min action show & a 30 min sword fighting workshop (a total of 60 min)
Venue: McCadden Place Theatre
(1157 N McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90038)
Admission: FREE
(Advance reservation is required on the official website)

Reserve a Ticket:

A timid girl named 【Miko】 finds herself lost in a different world after being noticed by a mysterious being named 【Rei】. With the help of the righteous warriors, 【Hana】 and 【Sora】, who reside in this world, Miko’s adventure begins.
“I’m just…” “You’re a special person.”
“I’m shy and I’m not brave.” “You’re a delicate and pure child, and I’ll watch over you.”
Will Miko confront and overcome her weaknesses? What is Rei’s goal? Will Miko be able to return to reality?

Rena Kaneta @renakaneta
Emika Kamieda @Emika_Kamieda
Shio Yamazaki @shio_yamazaki
Stella Takasegawa @Stella_0917
Mizuki Kimura @sakura_s0513

The cast consists of five Japanese girls dressed glamorously. They will perform a powerful stage show, using sword-fighting choreography and projector images. After the performance, an interactive sword-fighting workshop will be held.
Please look forward to the Japanese-style girls’ action performance from Tokyo! Admission is free. See you there!

●Hollywood Fringe Festival
Theater festival held in the entertainment capital. It is committed to freedom of expression and artistic expression and aims for open access and community-led management. During the one-month period, approximately 400 groups perform on 2,000 stages in about 50 small theaters in the South Hollywood area, making it an international fringe theater festival with a large number of art companies and performers from not only the United States but also abroad.


●Alicein Project
Alicein Project is established in 2010 and it’s the largest “theater company” in Japan that only casts emerging actresses (female talents/idols). They have performed approximately 100 plays to date, and the number of cast members has exceeded 1,800 actresses, including top idols. Their plays have also been performed in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they participated in the Hollywood Fringe in 2021, receiving high praise in the global entertainment scene and being nominated for the Streaming Overseas Production Award.


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