We had an opportunity to interview anisong singer, Mashiro Ayano! She just released her 5th single, “NEW LOOK”, the ending song of anime, “Re:CREATORS.” You may know her for her straightforward and clear singing voice in the anime series including “Fate/stay night,” “GUNSLINGER STRATOS,” or “D.Gray-man HALLOW.” She has attracted lots of anisong listeners and has performed not only in Japan, but also in Singapore, Los Angeles, Germany, and Taiwan. This time, she’s coming back to have a concert at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo 2017 on July 1st in Los Angeles.


-Why did you decide to become a singer? Do you have any artists that inspired you?

When I feel down or have trouble getting along with others, music has supported me as one of my communication tools, so it was very natural for me to aspire to become a singer.

-I heard that you still live in Hokkaido. Is there any strong reason why you work as a singer not in Tokyo but in your hometown?

I’m based in Hokkaido so that I can return to my roots anytime. Hokkaido might be the best place for me to focus on my lyrics without being disturbed.

-If any American fans have a chance to visit Hokkaido, is there any special hidden spot that you would like to recommend to them?

Lake Toya in my hometown is really beautiful! I recommend you take a walk at the park or trail around the lake. I don’t know any other place that makes me feel calm and relaxed as much as this place.

-I love the ending song of Re:CREATORS, “NEWLOOK”! If any 2D character could come to life, which character would you wish to meet in person?

Military Uniform Princess, Altair! This series reveals the plot every episode little by little, and it’s a very intense story! Don’t miss it!

-Your latest single is called “NEWLOOK.” Is there anything new you want to try regarding your career, fashion or hobby?

I want to focus more on my concerts! No matter what I challenge myself with, I’m a singer after all, so if whatever I do returns to me to help improve my artist career, that makes me really happy. I enjoy reading novels at a book café, but I also love working out!

-Now Japan’s anime and manga culture has become very popular all over the world. What do you think about it?

I love it! It’s amazing that many people love anime and manga despite the country they’re living in. I would love to keep doing whatever I can to help spread this culture!

-I heard that you will debut as an actress for the movie, “Principal”! Congratulations! Do you have any experience acting before? What is the common attribute between being a singer and actress?  

Thank you very much! Since it’s a new adventure in this field, I sometimes get depressed over my mistakes at first, but I feel like this new challenge leads me to perform more freely at concerts! I think they’re both very similar in terms of searching for what I can do to entertain and move audiences.

-Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo is around the corner! Is there any specific training or rehearsal you’re doing to prepare for this concert that’s out of the ordinary?

I’m very excited! I don’t usually train my body, but I want to gain more stamina to have a more powerful performance at AWM now!

-When you come to America, is there anything that you really want to go eat or do here?

When I went to Los Angeles last time, I had so much fun at Santa Monica beach! I was very impressed at how big the beach was. It was also my first time to ride on a roller coaster at an amusement park, too! Local American girls were very cute and stylish, so I want to roam around and meet more new people!

-Lastly, what is the cutest, coolest and most amazing thing to you?

I believe it’s a place where I can be myself like my identity! Something sparkling!

Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi would like to appreciate Mashiro Ayano, RESONANCE Media and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation for this interview opportunity.


Mashiro Ayano


Official HP: http://www.ayanomashiro.com

iTunes US: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mashiro-ayano/id925673274

VEVO: https://www.youtube.com/user/MashiroAyanoVEVO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayanomashiro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ma_shi_ron


Anisong World Matsuri

Anisong World Matsuri’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnisongWorldMatsuri/

Anisong World Matsuri’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnisongWorld

Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo: http://www.anime-expo.org/anisong-world-matsuri-2017/




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