1. Welcome to Anime Expo! Is AX your first North American anime convention? How’s it so far?
Yes, it is. I rarely have a chance to join this type of events even in Japan, so it’s my very first anime convention overall. I’m having so much fun! Seeing everyone enjoying the con makes me so happy!

2. Did you go sightseeing in Los Angeles? Where did you go?
I had my first In-n-Out burger, and I was so shocked at how delicious it was! I enjoyed exploring Hollywood and Union Station, too. I saw Los Angeles Police Department often seen in Hollywood films, and I had to take photos in front of it!

3. You’re well-known as a 2.5 D actor, but I saw that you were originally a model. How did you shift your career from modeling to acting?
It was all coincidence. When I walked for a fashion show, I got scouted to become an actor. At first, I wasn’t very interested in acting, but since it’s a great chance, I decided to take this challenge.
Since then, I got an offer to stage act for a musical based on manga or anime series, and that’s how I became a 2.5D actor.
You really did start your career as an actor suddenly!
Yes, indeed. Even for modeling, my career as a model started by being scouted on the streets. I luckily ran into lots of great opportunities, but now acting grew into me, and I would love to keep working harder.

4. You play Arashi Narukami from “Ensemble Stars!” not only as a stage actor but also a voice actor, and it seems like a rare case in this industry. What do you care the most when playing the same character as a voice actor and stage actor?
It goes the same for all the series, but I always try my best not to be trapped by the original series. As for “Ensemble Stars!”, I’m the one who voices this character, but I always care about the live atmosphere by doing ad-libs on the stage and such.
You had a concert at Budokan this January, too!
Yes, I’m so grateful! Voicing, stage acting and performing a concert as the same character… There’s not much contents like this!

5. The live action film, “Touken Ranbu The Movie” was so epic! You worked with “Touken Ranbu” and “Yowamushi Pedal” as both stage actor and film actor, but what is so special about live-action film or drama compared to the musical?
The way of acting differs for the film and drama for sure. If I act as I would on the stage, it doesn’t fit right, so I’m more trying to focus on the realistic feelings and humaneness. It’s very interesting that I can express even through the blinks or eye contact for the screen.

6. There are lots of swordfight scenes in “Touken Ranbu”! Did you already have an experience for swordfight before?
I have performed swordfight quite often on the stage. I love and enjoy doing it!
As for “Touken Ranbu,” my character uses a short sword, and when the sword is short, the distance is closer to the enemy, which makes my movement bigger than everyone else. It was hard because my swordfight was more like a martial art.

7. Tell us what you love about being an actor.
I enjoy leading different characters’ lives, careers, and relationships that I will not be able to experience in my life.
I also love seeing the audience’s reactions such as their smile or applause. I can’t see the audience’s faces through a big screen, so this is one of my favorite things about a stage actor.

8. What is your current goal?
There have been more chances to perform 2.5 D musicals overseas lately, but it is still true that it’s very difficult especially internationally. I would love to bring these musicals to foreign countries like America in the future.
I also sometimes wonder if I could act for films more, more people find it easier to come to see my work at theaters.

9. What is your Kawaii, Kakkoii, and Sugoi?
It’s Hyde! I love him so much, and he’s super cute, cool and amazing.
Don’t you guys look alike a little bit?
Not at all! He’s totally on a different level. He’s super cool when he’s rocking out on the stage, but he can be cute when he talks. He’s my idol.


Ryo Kitamura
Official Site: https://kitamuraryo.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryo_kitamu



2. ロサンゼルス観光は既に行かれましたか?どこへ行きましたか?

3. 北村さんと言えばやはり2.5次元俳優のイメージが強いのですが、元々はモデルさんだったと拝見しました。モデルから今のこの2.5次元俳優になった経緯を教えてください。

4. 北村さんは「あんさんぶるスターズ!」では鳴上嵐として舞台版の俳優だけでなく実際のキャラクターの声優も担当しており、女性向けコンテンツでは非常に珍しいケースかと思われます。舞台として、声優として同じキャラクターを演じる際に特に気を付けていることはありますか?

5. 実写版の「映画刀剣乱舞-継承-」、すごい迫力でした!「映画刀剣乱舞-継承-」や「弱虫ペダル」では舞台ではなく実写化もしていますが、実写ならではの魅力とはなんですか?

6. 「刀剣乱舞」では殺陣のシーンも豊富にありますが、殺陣の経験は元々ありましたか?

7. 役者をしててよかった!と思うことがあれば教えてください。

8. 今後の北村さんの目標などがあれば教えてください。

9. 北村さんにとって「かわいい、かっこいい、すごい」ことはなんですか?


公式サイト: https://kitamuraryo.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryo_kitamu


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