Japanese music project NAQT VANE have released their first digital EP, ‘NAQT’, on March 22.

The EP features six songs, including the group’s four singles released to date such as ‘TOUCH’, which was used as the ending song to the Disney Plus drama series ‘Yakuza Lover’, along with brand new songs ‘Odd One Out’ and ‘Reminiscing’.

Themed around the concept of fighting spirit, ‘Odd One Out’ depicts the struggle to truly become somebody, and the strength of willpower it can take to commit to the path ahead – a powerful song to inspire all of us who have to put up a fight. Meanwhile, ‘Reminiscing’ is a ballad that dramatically expresses the deep affection we feel for the ones we love, and the fear of losing them.

The EP’s cover artwork was created by Classic 6, with a striking image of vocalist Harukaze clutching her own face as a mask. The word NAQT in the group’s name is pronounced the same as “nackt”, which is the German word for “naked”; on this ‘NAQT’ EP, the group take a step further into ever broader musicality and expression, adopting a more artistic approach to convey their unique sense of creativity.

The music video for ‘CHRONIC’ was also released on March 22, and it shows a male and female dancer parading around a room where Harukaze sings while lounging atop a grand piano, as overall producer Hiroyuki SAWANO stands at his synth, bringing to life a performance by NAQT VANE.

On May 20, NAQT VANE will hold their first fan meeting, titled ‘Greetings from NAQT VANE’, where fans will be able to experience the first ever live performance and talk session by Harukaze and Hiroyuki SAWANO together. A video of the event is under consideration as well, so keep an eye out for future updates.

The latest information will be posted to NAQT VANE’s official social media accounts, so be sure to follow for more info!


NAQT VANE is a music project that aims to “create an uplifting tailwind to guide those who have a challenger spirit”. The group features vocalist Harukaze, who spent eight years living abroad before returning to Japan’s music scene, along with overall producer Hiroyuki SAWANO and art collective Classic 6.
NAQT VANE are dedicated to reaching everyone who lives in the era of the wind – a flexible world rich in freedom and diversity, with a lifestyle unbound by material things or status. The members hope to breathe a wind of change, building their own space together where new stories can shine.

Harukaze | Vocals

Born in Hokkaido in 1998, Harukaze left Japan at age 15 to attend high school and college abroad. While studying Music Business in Los Angeles, she got a taste of a music culture that was different from what she’d experienced in Japan, and began to make music with people she met in the local scene.
In 2018, she released her first single ‘Summer Time (Feat. Roz)’, followed by her second single ‘Mr. Secret’ and in winter 2020 the EP ‘Best Regards’, before returning to Japan to begin the next phase of her music career. She became involved in NAQT VANE after meeting Hiroyuki SAWANO in 2021.

Hiroyuki SAWANO | Overall Producer

Born in Tokyo in 1980, Hiroyuki SAWANO is a highly celebrated composer and producer, providing compositions for music artists, TV shows, anime and movies.
In 2009, he released his first original album, ‘musica’.
In 2014, he began the project SawanoHiroyuki[nZk], undertaking star collaborations with renowned artists such as Akihito Okano (Porn Graffiti), Takanori Nishikawa, SUGIZO (LUNA SEA, X JAPAN), Sukima Switch, Sayuri, Aimer, Jean-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION), Anly, ReoNa, Aina the End (BiSH), Yuuri, Taiiku Okazaki and more.
In 2019, he held a solo performance at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China, with an audience of more than 10,000 fans, marking his advance to the global stage.
After meeting vocalist Harukaze, he launched the team project NAQT VANE in September 2022, participating as overall producer. The group plan to release original music in Japan and around the world.

Classic 6 | Artwork

Classic 6 are a creative collective active in Japan and overseas. They undertake art direction and overall production for fashion, art, graphic design for music artists, video and venue production. With a focus on visual branding that emphasizes stories and concepts, they are constantly exploring new creative outlets as a collective across a wide range of genres.

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