Sanrio fans in Tokyo are in for a delightful treat as the adored character Kuromi takes the spotlight in the upcoming event, “Kuromi Cafe Winter party party.” Hosted at “BOX Cafe & Space LUMINE EST Shinjuku,” this limited-time café experience is scheduled to run from December 14, 2023.

Kuromi, famously known as the self-proclaimed rival of My Melody, has been winning hearts since her debut in 2005. Despite her edgy appearance, Kuromi’s allure lies in her unexpectedly girlish persona.

The “Kuromi Cafe Winter party party” promises an immersive experience, intricately weaving the essence of a “winter party” within the ambiance of an “inorganic café” setting. The thematic fusion of white, purple hues, and accent colors creates an environment that harmonizes seamlessly with Kuromi’s distinctive style.

The menu boasts a diverse range of dishes inspired by Kuromi. Guests can relish the “Winter party Stew,” where Kuromi materializes amidst a mystical illusion of smoke, or delight in the “Kuromi’s Big Sister Burger,” a flavorful amalgamation of purple tartar sauce and croquette encased between soft white buns. Furthermore, “Kuromi’s Dark Mont Blanc” offers a dessert elegantly crafted to resemble Kuromi’s iconic silhouette.

Additionally, the café will feature exclusive merchandise adorned with newly created Kuromi-themed art. Fans of Kuromi can indulge in unique privileges and acquire collectible items available for purchase.


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