A new grand menu has been introduced at the Kirby Café, themed after the “Kirby” series, a popular Nintendo video game series. The new menus will be available from March 1, 2024, at both Kirby Café in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Kirby’s Mogu Mogu Roast Beef Bowl

Kirby Café is a character café based on the concept of “What if there was a café in Kirby’s world?” Guests are welcomed by hardworking Waddle Dees, Kirby as the taste tester (?), and the hospitality of Chef Kawasaki, ensuring that fans of “Kirby” leave satisfied and energized!

Kirby Café’s Authentic Stone-Baked Pizza Creamy Carbonara with a Star Bullet

The newly announced grand menu features four new items: “Kirby’s Mogu Mogu Roast Beef Bowl,” “Kirby Café’s Authentic Stone-Baked Pizza Creamy Carbonara with a Star Bullet,” “Camembert Cheese Fry & Mini Star Toast,” and “Meta Knight’s Parfait for Snacking during Training.”

Meta Knight’s Parfait for Snacking during Training

Additionally, there are eight renewal and reissued menu items: “Whispy Woods’ Hearty Feast Plate,” “Kirby Burger & Meat Sauce Pasta,” “Waddle Dee Burger & Meat Sauce Pasta,” “Waddle Dee’s Search,” “Transform! Car Cake,” “Orange Ocean,” “Art Collection Au Lait,” and “Kirby-Made! Energetic Helper Parfait (exclusive to Hakata).” Alongside these, souvenir plates, mugs, and coasters with new designs will also be available.


Whispy Woods’ Hearty Feast Plate
Waddle Dee’s Search
Transform! Car Cake


Kirby Cafe
Website: https://kirbycafe.jp/

Source: Anime! Anime!

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