West Japan rockers Kanjani∞ (pronounced “eight”) kick off their 20th anniversary year by opening up two decades of music worldwide via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more!

▼Streaming Link: https://lnk.to/8digitalTw

About Kanjani∞
Originally debuting in 2004 as a modern take on traditional Japanese ‘enka’ music, Kanjani∞ quickly found their footing within a more band/rock sound as well as the over-the-top comedy stylings unique to the region of Osaka/Kansai. Since then, the group has released a total of 49 top-selling singles (with single #50, “ANTHROPOS,” out January 24th!), 10 studio albums, one mini album, two best-of albums, and 22 DVD releases.

In addition to their work as a music group, the 5 members You Yokoyama, Shingo Murakami, Ryuhei Maruyama, Shota Yasuda, and Tadayoshi Ohkura are individually active in all manner of entertainment pursuits; including award-winning cinema and theatre acting and primetime television hosting, as well as slapstick box office comedies like the action hero parodies “Eight Ranger” and “Eight Ranger 2.” Drummer Ohkura is further involved in the mentoring of Kansai JPOP stardom’s next generation, having produced the current smash hit boyband Naniwa Danshi and being a big part of up-and-coming Junior units like Ae! group and AmBitious. The group also has a “sister” act called Canjani∞ (featuring the guys in drag), which itself has released 3 singles of their own.

Kanjani∞ perform live at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023


About the Project
In gratitude to all their “eighter” fans for twenty years of love and support, Kanjani∞ will be releasing the entirety of their music catalog to globally-accessible music streaming services in three parts as follows:

PART ONE: Releasing January 1st (Mon), 2024
・Albums『8EST』『GR8EST』『8BEAT(Complete Edition)』
・Singles『友よ(tomoyo)』『Re:LIVE』『キミトミタイセカイ(kimi to mitai sekai)』『ひとりにしないよ(hitori ni shinaiyo)』『喝采(kassai)』『未完成(mikansei)』『オオカミと彗星(ookami to suisei)』

PART TWO: Releasing January 24th (Wed), 2024
・Albums『感謝=∞(kansha = 8)』『KJ1 F・T・O』『KJ2 ズッコケ大脱走(KJ2 zukkoke daidasso)』『PUZZLE』『8UPPERS』『FIGHT』『JUKE BOX』『関ジャニズム(kanjanizumu)』『関ジャニ∞の元気が出るCD!!(kanjani8 no genki ga deru CD!!)』『ジャム(jam)』

PART THREE: Releasing January 31st (Wed), 2024
・Singles『浪花いろは節(Naniwa iroha bushi)』『大阪レイニーブルース(Osaka rainy blues)』『好きやねん、大阪。(sukiyanen, Osaka)/桜援歌(Oh!ENKA)/無限大(mugendai)』『∞SAKAおばちゃんROCK (Osaka obachan rock)/大阪ロマネスク(Osaka Romanesque)』『関風ファイティング(kanfu fighting)』『ズッコケ男道(zukkoke otoko michi)』『イッツ マイ ソウル(it’s my soul)』『ワッハッハー(wahhahha)』『無責任ヒーロー(musekinin hero)』『急☆上☆Show!!(kyu jo show)』『Wonderful World!!』『LIFE~目の前の向こうへ~(LIFE~me no mae no mukou e~)』『T.W.L/イエローパンジーストリート(yellow pansy street)』『マイホーム(my home)』『365日家族(365 nichi kazoku)』『ツブサニコイ(tsubusanikoi)』『愛でした。(ai deshita)』『ER』『あおっぱな(aoppana)』『へそ曲がり(hesomagari)/ここにしかない景色(koko ni shikanai keshiki)』『涙の答え(namida no kotae)』『ココロ空モヨウ(kokoro sora moyo)』『ひびき(hibiki)』『キング オブ 男!(king of otoko)』『オモイダマ(omoidama)』『ER2』『言ったじゃないか(ittajanaika)/CloveR』『がむしゃら行進曲(gamusharakoshinkyoku)』『強く 強く 強く(tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku)』『前向きスクリーム!(maemuki scream)』『侍唄(samurai song)』『罪と夏(tsumi to natsu)』『パノラマ(panorama)』『NOROSHI』『なぐりガキBEAT(naguri gaki BEAT)』『奇跡の人(kiseki no hito)』『応答セヨ(outouseyo)』『ここに(koko ni)』『crystal』

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanjani8_official/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kanjanieight_infinity_r
Twitter (Japanese only): https://twitter.com/Infinity_rJP

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