Comfy Christmas Pt.3 (Comedy)

It’s nearly Christmas but that doesn’t mean you have to spend time with your family or friends. Here’s some more anime that you can use to continue to ignore reality.

Remember, the comfy meter gauges the level of comfy rather than the quality of the anime.

Hidmari Sketch

It’s a cute anime about some girls doing artsy things at their art school SHAFT does the animation so you’re going to have a lot of that surreal nature that is apparent in a lot of anime SHAFT works on (see Bakemonogatari). If the animation style looks similar to the Madoka Magica series (WIIIIIIIIIDE), it’s because they both have the same character designer, Ume Aoki. She’s even a minor character in the Hidamari series as a metapod that appears at the beginning of every episode. This would probably fit better in the slice of life list but it’s also pretty funny but it’s funny in a cute way rather than an explicit formula of joke and punchline. But with the combination of the soundtrack, adorable animation, and completely inoffensive storyline (no fanservice or any of that jazz) it’s my favorite comfy anime. It also has a ton of seasons (6 seasons and specials for each season) so if you fall in love with the series, it’ll be awhile before you finish it.


Comfy level: 5/5 comfymeter

Yuru Yuri

The first time I watched this series, I didn’t think it would be as funny as it would be. I originally thought it would be another “cute girls doing cute things” anime (which I’m fine with) but it seemingly lampoons the whole genre. Like it says in the TITLE OF THE ANIME there is a lot of yuri (yuri means lily in Japanese but is also the symbol of girl-girl love) in this series (I mean who can blame them when there are no guys around in the ENTIRE SERIES) so you might not watch to watch this around the kiddies or you can if you want, I’m not your parent. Kyouko (the blonde one) is pretty much the star of the show since she’s practically a 40-year old pervert in the body 14-year old girl (I probably could have worded it better but that’s just the kind of humor you can expect from Yuru Yuri). It’s still pretty cute but what carries the anime as a whole is the comedy and how absurd it is. Check it out you closeted pervert.


Comfy level: 4/5


Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Host Club)

Since I’ve recommended a lot of anime for dudes, here’s one for the ladies, but every girl that watches anime has probably already seen this. Nevertheless, this is a hilarious anime for anyone that appreciates some good ol’ fashion comedy and the aged tale of the handsome guy falling in love with the tomboy girl. Besides some borderline yaoi-incest antics going on (but not really) the series has slew of interesting characters that at first seem to fit into their assumed tropes like a hand into buttered-up glove but as the series progresses you see them in their true nature. The female lead character, Haruhi, is also awesome, probably because she was written for girls rather than as fanservice for guys. It’s an older anime (because 2006 was YEAAAAAAAAAAARS ago) but definitely deserves a watch for those that haven’t seen it yet.


Comfy level: 4/54couches

Binbougami ga!


This series isn’t as comfy as the rest because it’s basically about this bit- terrible person who doesn’t have any friends because she’s a bit- terrible person. For one, she uses all the guys at her school for her own gain because she’s so pretty and bountiful which in turn makes all the girls despise her because she’s hogging all the guys. So she gets haunted by the God of Poverty because main character bad lady apparently has too much good fortune in her life. She eventually redeems herself because it would be bad if you spent the whole series hating the main character. The humor is extremely crude but I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me laugh. Other than the main character, there isn’t much character development in the other characters but they’re more likeable than MC so they’ve got that going for them. Binbougami ga! Is a short and hilarious watch and perfect for those of you that want some boobs with your comedy.



Comfy level: 3.5/5



The longest series in the list and with very good reason, Gintama exceeded all my expectations when I gave it a try after I wrote it off years ago as another typical shounen-anime. There are some “Power level over 9000” shenanigans going within the series but it’s done well and contrasts well with the series as a whole since it’s a comedy at heart. The entire series is about the daily antics of the three main characters, Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi while they work at their “assistance service” and they cover every topic under the sun. There are arcs about helping a king retrieve his terrifying pet that had gotten lose, arcs about a kid dealing with the fact that his dad is an immensely powerful okama (cross dresser) , and even some self-depreciating episodes of the author of the series where he portrays himself as an incompetent gorilla (or primate close to that nature). It’ll make you laugh and it’ll even make you cry, Gintama needs to be watched by everybody. (One downside is that it a lot of jokes stem from Japanese pop culture).



Comfy level: 4.5/5

4.5couchesThat concludes the KKS Guide to a Comfy Christmas but I know many of you will still be on break so expect one more installment before the New Year begins.

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