Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe! (Video + Pictures)

Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-004

Edit: Here’s the scanned image of Miku from the video!

Merry Miku-ristmas! Tomokku is at it again! For this special holiday season, learn how to make your very own Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake! We made an instructional video for you but incase you would like just the picture instructions, we included it in this post. We recommend watching the video a few times before attempting to make your own.

Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe (VIDEO)

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8quFCxn7-U’]

Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe (PICTURES)



– Your favorite cake as base
– Dairy & non-dairy whipping cream
– Dark & white chocolate
– Metallic dragées for decorating
– Food Coloring: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
– Strawberries
– Picture of Hatsune Miku

Miku-Xmas-Cake-002 Miku-Xmas-Cake-003

On kitchen paper, trace the image of Miku with a sharpie.




Place the traced image of Miku on a flat surface and tape it down so it doesn’t move. Ideally, you want the image to be inverted so make sure you’re working on the paper side and not the flat surface side!


Break the chocolate into pieces and melt them.

Miku-Xmas-Cake-007 Miku-Xmas-Cake-008

Make a decorating pen with kitchen paper and scoop in the melted chocolate.


And with it, trace all the lines.


For the finer details such as the thin lines, use a tooth pick.


The finished chocolate tracing should look like this! Cute, right?


Place it in the freezer while you go work on coloring the whip cream.


Pour in two 200mL of Dairy and Non-dairy whipping cream into a bowl.


Add sugar. It’s usually about 10-20 grams of sugar for 200 ml of cream, but you can add as much as you’d like to.


Whisk the cream and it should end up nice and firm.


Get your food coloring ready because we’re going to science this! With the essential Red, Yellow, Blue, & Green, we can pretty much make any other colors.


Determine the colors you need to make.

– Beige: Mix yellow with a tiny bit of red.
– Blu-ish Green: Mix Blue and Green together.
– Pink: Mix already made Red whipped cream with white whipped cream and it should lighten it to pink.


Here are the 8 colors necessary to make our Miku image. Again, the colors you need will depend on the picture you use.


Begin to apply the white whipped cream on the areas that are white.


After you apply each color, put it in the freezer until it sets before applying the next one. This is a bit tedious so you’re going to need some patience.

Miku-Xmas-Cake-023 Miku-Xmas-Cake-024

Don’t worry if the colors overlap each other. Remember, your image is inverted. Once you revert it, it will look fine. You will see.

Miku-Xmas-Cake-025 Miku-Xmas-Cake-026

Again, don’t worry about overlapping the colors.


It is up to you if you want to fill the background. For our cake, we decided to add a white background.


Finally place it in the freezer one more time until it sets.


While you wait until whipped cream sets, make chocolate covered strawberries. Melt chocolates and dip the fresh strawberries in them. Decorate it with the metallic dragées. It should look like the above.


Frost your cake with whipped cream.


Once the whipped cream of Miku is ready, take it off the flat surface and place it on top of your cake.


Miku! So cute! See? Told you not to worry! 🙂 Now peel the kitchen paper off carefully.

Miku-Xmas-Cake-034 Miku-Xmas-Cake-035

Finish decorating the cake however you want.

Miku-Xmas-Cake-036 Miku-Xmas-Cake-038

We made a tag with white chocolate, dark chocolate, and metallic dragées that says “Merry Mikuristmas!” Yours can say whatever you’d like!


Place chocolate covered strawberries all around the cake!

Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake Recipe-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-003

And now we’re done! Miku’s so adorable, right? Hope you guys try this out! Or if you have a friend who’s into decorative food arts, tell them to make you one. It’s seriously 10x yummier with Miku on it! Remember, if you have any request for Tomokku, leave a comment down below or on the video page. That’s it for now, see you guys on my next post!

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