have you ever seen something like these little guys ever? i think you have. only when you were 3 years old.

just kidding.. i dont think you have. i mean seriously who are they? they are so tiny as 3 to 15 cm.  and they love messing with you and your pets.

they are KOBITO. a tiny tiny human being. not a special kinda bug.  Kobito is pretty similar with dawrf (not the same!). In japan, we have a lot of  fairy tale stories just like any other countries which is associated with kobito! I guess this is just one kobito family with unique characteristic and looks. There are so many characters and i wish i could talk about one by one. but its just too many of them! those two guys ( above ) are the top two in the family for sure. they are kakuremomojiri (hidden-peach-butt cheek) and kusamadaraookobito ( little forest-big-kobito ). who’s gonna come up with the names….. hello?

so funny.

the kobito dukan family became super famous from one children’s book. it was a best seller of 2010.

so you see them every stores in japan. Books, DVDs and cute goods.

( photos : vvstore.jp )

japanese people call them {KIMO KAWA} which means “ewww! kinda kawaii-ness.” even little kids say “kimo kawa—-!”

My husband and i got 3 of their cute figures in japan. in real life size. so tiny.  just couldn’t help it.  now they live in our house and we are loving it. it makes your house way more magical than you could ever imagine.


here’s a fan-made video.

their 2nd DVD preview.

oh dont forget to check out their official website. it is really neat.

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