Nako Misaki, who voices Chisato Arashi in Love Live! Superstar!! and is active as a member of the school idol group Liella!, announced during her birthday event at Hulic Hall Tokyo that she will be making her solo debut with Lantis.

As her first step forward as a solo artist, she has opened an official YouTube channel, an official artist website, and a staff Twitter account. At the venue, her fans congratulated her and she expressed her gratitude for their support. She also shared her enthusiasm for her new journey, stating that she was happy to make the announcement herself.

Her debut album will be released on July 5 in three different editions. Alongside the Standard Edition, a Limited Edition will be available featuring a Blu-ray disc containing exclusive music videos and other exciting content. In addition, members of her fan club will have the opportunity to purchase the Nako’s Greeting Edition, which comes with beautiful packaging and a face towel as a special gift.

Accompanying the announcement, new artist photos of Misaki Nako were also released. These photos were taken with the positive theme of “starting from here,” blending her friendly character with her fresh perspective as an artist.

Message from Nako Misaki:
Thank you for always supporting me. I am thrilled to announce that I will be making my solo artist debut with
Lantis! I’m very happy for this exciting new opportunity. Singing is still uncharted territory for me, and I don’t
know what kind of expressions I’m capable of, but I hope to discover various aspects of myself through singing
and deliver them to you. I will continue to take one step at a time and strive to be an artist who can be closer to
all of you. Thank you for your continued support!


About Nako Misaki

Misaki Nako is a multi-talented artist who is best known for her voice acting role as Chisato Arashi in the anime Love Live! Superstar!! In addition to her voice acting career, she is an active member of the school idol group Liella!, participating in a variety of activities including live performances, live streams, and radio appearances.
She also serves as a personality on the TOKYO FM show “What a Wonderful Radio!” on TOKYO FM.

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Artist website:
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