The long-awaited anime adaptation of the beloved romantic comedy The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses has just released a promotional video, revealing that the show will debut in Japan in July 2023 and that JimmyThumb-P will handle the music.

The romantic comedy manga The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses depicts the relationship between Ai Mie, an absent-minded girl who constantly forgets her glasses, and Kaede Komura, a slightly awkward and timid boy. Originally started on Twitter by Koume Fujichika, the manga has garnered attention for its heart-pounding moments and the progression of the two characters’ relationship, receiving tens of thousands of likes with each update. It is truly a must-see romantic comedy that captures the excitement of falling in love.

This announcement unveiled the main cast, which includes Masahiro Ito as Kaede Komura and Shion Wakayama as Ai Mie, along with general director Susumu Kudo and director Katsumasa Yokomine. The animation production will be handled by GoHands, an animation studio known for producing numerous high-profile works, such as the K series and the Seitokai Yakuindomo series.

It was also announced that FlyingDog will oversee the music production for the anime, with JimmyThumb-P composing the music. JimmyThumb-P is a well-known Vocaloid producer who has created numerous masterpieces such as “Clac.”, “from Y to Y”, and “No Logic”. This will be his first venture into anime soundtrack production, which is quite uncommon for a Vocaloid producer. Therefore, we encourage you to pay close attention to how he intricately portrays the captivating yet frustrating distance between the two main characters.


Message from JimmyThumb-P

I was entrusted with creating the music for the TV anime The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. It was my first time working on an anime soundtrack, so I went through a lot of trial and error, but I am grateful for this meaningful experience. I hope that my music will add something to this story, which expresses the purity and youthfulness of Mie and Komura, and the idea that even small things can be significant experiences for two junior high school students.

About JimmyThumb-P
Born in 1985. Vocaloid producer and composer.
Also active under the name OneRoom, he has released three albums so far.
He has worked on a wide range of genres, with his most famous works including “Calc.”, which has 4.6 million views on Nico Nico Douga, “from Y to Y”, and “No Logic”. Although he has not been as active in recent years, he still influences young creators and has gained support from a wide range of generations. In November 2022, he released his song “Kasou Shimin (2022 ver.)” on a video sharing website for the first time in about nine years. He has been chosen to produce the soundtrack for The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses, an anime that is scheduled to air in July 2023.

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