How to Make Naruto Ramen

After a huge reception on our Attack on Titan Food Art, we decided to have another special video for the holidays. BELIEVE IT! If you’re a fan of the orange jumpsuit ninja, then prepare to be wowed by Tomokku‘s Uzumaki Naruto Ramen recipe! In this video, she will show you how to make the Naruto from Naruto Shippuden with shuriken, kunai, and Rasengan toppings!

How To Make Naruto Ramen Instructional Video:

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Here are the ingredients you will need:

– Ham
– Your favorite Instant Ramen
– Narutomaki*
– Jakoten*
– Hanpen*
– Seaweed
– Kelp
– Eggs

*These are different forms of fish cake which can be found at your local Asian/Japanese supermarket. You may use other ingredients of your choosing if you do not have access to some of these ingredients. I.E. Just use ham again or baloney for Naruto’s head.

If you follow anime, then you would know Naruto loves ramen! Don’t worry, we included narutomaki (the white thing with pink swirl on it) because we know he would flip out if we forgot that. Ramen is the perfect dish to eat during this cold, harsh winter weather so definitely take a break from all your ninja training and pick up this recipe instead. Speaking of winter, we will have another special holiday video coming out in December. Don’t miss out on that because I guarantee you will love that one too.

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