J-Rock Fan Interviews: VAMPS Live 2013 in Los Angeles! (Part 1)

Introducing our latest series, J-Rock Fan Interviews! Instead of going around and asking Japanese music fans the same generic questions like “why do you like this band so much” or “what’s your favorite song?”, I decided to ask some insane questions to make things little more entertaining while referencing back to the J-Rock culture as much as possible.

In this part 1 VAMPS segment, I go around pretending I am not a VAMPS fan to get some enthusiastic reactions from their other passionate fans. Oh, and picking up some hot J-Rock ladies. *wink wink* Just kidding. I was learning how to pick up girls. Did you know K-Pop is good gateway to meeting cute Asian ladies? I didn’t! Anyway. Whether or not you’re fan of VAMPS, you don’t have to understand all the references to enjoy this quirky interview video. Part 2 will be coming out soon and currently in the process of putting together the DIR EN GREY Fan Interviews I did a couple weeks ago. For now, enjoy…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wdXAWJHoiY’]

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