In a world full of heroes and villains, there is always trouble stirring and innocent lives waiting to be saved. Izuku Midoriya, the successor of One-For-All, is about to fight alongside his classmates and the Pro-Heroes of the world to end the biggest terror they have yet to face. Humarize, a terrorist organization looking to rid the world of superhuman powers, better known as “quirks,” plans to cleanse the human population by only keeping those born without abilities alive, believing quirks will bring destruction to humanity. The young heroes of U.A. Academy are prepared to save the world once again in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission!



My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is set to be released in American and Canadian theaters on October 29, 2021. Licensed by Funimation, the release of the film will be available for screening in English dub or with English subtitles in theaters. The movie will be the third film in the My Hero Academia franchise to debut in theaters outside of Japan, giving opportunities to viewers worldwide. 

With its original run beginning in 2016, the franchise was produced by studio bones inc., famed for their manga-to-anime adaptations in Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Mob Psycho 100, and their original works in Star Driver, Space Dandy, and Carole & Tuesday. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki, who led all three My Hero Academia films, Nagasaki has won the award for best film in 2018 for the second movie in the franchise, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.



This is a movie My Hero Academia fans have been waiting for; we have seen our young heroes hone their abilities to take on endangering tasks for the greater good. The series embodies the message of ambition and perseverance to save others and present the will to help humanity. The My Hero Academia series strives to motivate and inspire the good in us, giving us the confidence to surpass our limits. My Hero Academia successfully creates a world of wide-ranged character personalities without losing track of the amount of passionate heroes introduced.

The newest movie, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission continues the series’ timeline of the young heroes in their internship. We catch glimpses that reference the past movie along with the flow of storytelling aligned with the weekly anime series, which doesn’t feel like a sudden interruption within the anime’s storyline. Even though the movie allows us to follow along as part of the heroes’ work study arc in the anime series, new fans can still enjoy the enthusiasm and drive that shine in our favorite heroes. 

There are many outstanding factors that show immediately at the start of the movie; following a new main character named Rody Soul to star side-by-side with our main protagonist Izuku Midoriya, along with the action-packed directing featuring a quick and smooth fighting transition style exclusive to the movie, heightening the viewers’ emotional and visual senses. 


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The new movie has a gift that allows viewers to cheer on our main protagonist Midoriya while understanding the emotional struggles deepened within Rody Soul. Creating Rody as a character who has experienced many hardships has allowed the movie to have viewers empathize not just with the heroes’ emotions, but also the emotional toll present in a character who doubts the good in the world.

The film displays stunning, action-packed visuals different from the weekly anime releases, a treat filled with an effort the director and the development team worked hard on to make this movie one of a kind. In multiple areas of the film, the movie’s direction pulls viewers back and forth between the feelings of worry and hope for our characters. This isn’t a movie just about superheroes and villains, but a work focused on the feelings internalized in the hearts of our young heroes ready to inspire those around them, including the viewers. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is dedicated to connecting and providing a message to believe in the good of others and believing that hope exists. 



The cherry on top– the theme song and insert song of the movie is performed by Asian Kung-Fu Generation. The new tracks “Empathy” and “Flower” create a heartfelt tone that is a perfect fit for the unstopping will of our heroes.



Tickets to My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission are already available for purchase on multiple websites and ready to hit theaters soon in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. Viewings in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be available on October 28, 2021. Release dates to be confirmed for Scandinavia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru soon.

Get ready to cheer on our favorite heroes! It’s Plus Ultra time!





In My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, U.A. High School students Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo face the greatest crisis in My Hero Academia history, with only two hours to save the world! During their internship with the number one Pro Hero Endeavor Agency, Deku and his new friend Rody find themselves wanted nationwide for a crime they didn’t commit. Can Deku and his friends stop Humarise’s global plans of eliminating all Quirks?



Izuku Midoriya – Justin Briner (English), Daiki Yamashita (Japanese)

Katsuki Bakugo – Clifford Chapin (English), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)

Shoto Todoroki – David Matranga (English), Yuki Kaji (Japanese)

Endeavor – Patrick Seitz (English), Tetsu Inada (Japanese)

Flect Turn – Robbie Daymond (English), Kazuya Nakai (Japanese)

Pino – Cristina Vee (English), Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)

Rody Soul – Ryan Colt Levy (English), Ryo Yoshizawa (Japanese)



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