Kaz, a member of INTERSECTION has released a music video for ‘Summer is Over’, which is the closing track on his debut solo EP titled ‘CODE LOVE’, which was released in September.
‘Summer is Over’ music video:
Please watch on youtube from here.
This gospel-inflected ballad features guest vocalist Mai Anna, Kaz’s friend from Harvard University. Kaz and Mai produced the song together, and it’s about a passionate relationship that blossoms in the mournful final days of summer.
Kaz said, “The song has a gentle melody that evokes the end of summer, with a warmth and touch that feels like touching someone’s skin.”
The music video features a full-length animation created by Mirai Mizue, who has made videos for numerous artists and is renowned for creating abstract and organic animation works called “cell animation”, a play on “cel animation”. The video is attracting attention online. Very colorful and creative video. Thank you to Mizue’s original interpretation of the themes of ‘Paradise Lost’, playing with abstraction, metamorphosis, and trippy psychedelia.
‘CODE LOVE’ information
Released September 13, 2021
Download and streaming links: https://avex.lnk.to/Kaz_CODELOVE
About Kaz

Kazuma Mitchell is a member of the Japanese-American boy group INTERSECTION. Though he was born in New York, Kaz returned to Japan at the age of 8. He has appeared on AbemaTV’s ‘Who is the Wolf?’, which became a social phenomenon, especially among high-school students, and broke the series record with 23 million views. In February 2021, he appeared on the Chinese version of ‘Produce Camp 2021 (CHUANG 2021),’ a hugely popular audition show that has been broadcast in China (and throughout Asia) with a total of 5 billion views, which broadened his fanbase specifically in China to more than 1.85 million followers on social media platform Weibo.

Aside from his music career, Kaz is currently a student at the prestigious Harvard University and is an up-and-coming model. He was an exclusive model for ‘MEN’S NON-NO’, and appeared as a runway model during Paris Fashion Week in 2020.

Kaz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kazumamitchell/

INTERSECTION is a boy band based in Tokyo, composed of William, Kazuma, Caelan, Mika. INTERSECTION (intersection) is the place where the four people who were born and raised in different cultures, got together, and they will transmit music and activities from the center, Tokyo, to the world.

INTERSECTION official website: https://intersection-tokyo.jp/

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