Okamoto Kitchen is thrilled to announce the Okamoto Kitchen original video animation (OVA) is coming this Thanksgiving 2023. A new trailer has been released in celebration of the announcement and previews the English voice cast: Cristina Vee as Haru Umesaki, Allegra Clark as Chef Chizuru, Patrick Seymour as Mickey, Faye Mata as Ling, and Kimlinh Tran as Honey.

The OVA will be released for free on the official Okamoto Kitchen YouTube channel.

The anime project was made possible with 625 fans supporting the project on Kickstarter in 2019. Japanese animation studio Magic Bus took charge of the OVA’s layout and keyframes, with Studio Nine Lives overseeing Paint & IB and Industry Visual Effects overseeing Previz, CGI, and compositing.

The food truck industry is a brutal world! Savage races for parking spots, epic shonen food battles, and lots and lots of VIDEO GAMES! The naive Okamoto Kitchen food truck team of Haru, Chizuru, Mickey and Honey try their best to navigate their way around the unforgiving landscape of the Los Angeles food truck scene. Our heroes will have to push through the growing pains not only to figure out how to thrive in the food truck business, but to also discover who really has their best interests at heart. The culinary arts can sometimes be hard to digest.

Haru Umesaki: Cristina Vee
Chef Chizuru: Allegra Clark
Mickey: Patrick Seymour
Ling: Faye Mata
Honey: Kimlinh Tran

Layout & Keyframes (原画): Studio Magic Bus
Paint & IB: Studio Nine Lives
Previz, CGI, Compositing: Industry Visual Effects
Music: Hidehito Ikumo

Website: https://okamotokitchen.com/anime/

About Okamoto Kitchen
Okamoto Kitchen is the brainchild of Chizuru and Gerald Abraham, whose mission is to introduce people to authentic, lesser known Japanese dishes such as Chicken Nanban, Cheese Mochi and Classic Style Japanese Curry. The vibrant Akiba-style decor and engaging customer service make Okamoto Kitchen an experience you will be talking about with your friends.

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