Avril Lavigne does themes for One Piece?!

one piece x avril lavigne

Well this is certainly a shocker. Never thought I would come across a “One Piece x Avril Lavigne” combo in my lifetime. She not only has one but TWO songs in the current One Piece movie entitled: One Piece Film: Z. Apparently, this was announced in October 2012! (Wow I am late on this! ><)

What is even more interesting is that both of those songs are not original but covers of songs: “How You Remind Me” a hit single by Nickelback and “Bad Reputation” a classic punk rock by Joan Jett. I’ve vaguely heard about Lavigne covering a Nickelback song but I never bothered looking into too much of it until discovering this news!

Actually, I take that back! I should not be too surprised at all. The singer does have a pretty good presence in Japan and she had a few albums topping at #1 on their charts. She also released “Girlfriend” in several different languages; one of which includes Japanese! So for her to maintain her presence in the one of Japan’s biggest Anime is actually the right move. But how would fans of either side take it?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYFtLi6HGzA’]

However, I am still a little surprised Lavigne is not contributing original pieces of her own and opted to submit covers for the movie. Or maybe it is Sony Music Japan‘s idea for her to do that. Whatever the cases may be, it would have been more interesting if she wrote something just for One Piece!

It is great to see Japanese Movies are trying to be more broad when it comes to feature films and try out international songs. I’m not a huge fan but I remember I was quite happy to see Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ song in the Live Action Death Note. Although they did not specifically wrote “Dani California” for the movie, at least it was used. I am hoping to see more of this and the flip side where the United States would try to use some Japanese songs in our movies as well.

What do you guy’s think?


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